The goal of the PIANOFORTE research partnership, launched in the summer of 2022, is to expand knowledge and promote innovation in the field of radiation protection for the benefit of public, patients, workers, and environmental preservation across all domains of exposure to ionising radiation. Through the scientific challenges it aims to address, this partnership has set the objective of contributing to the implementation of European policies such as the European plan to combat cancer, the green pact for growth, and the implementation of the roadmap for reducing industrial and natural risks. The upcoming PIANOFORTE event is scheduled to take place in Budapest from 5-6 December 2023.

The researchers of HUN-REN Centre for Energy Research contribute to five work packages, organising consultations to refine radiation protection call topics. They arrange meetings for European agencies to learn about PIANOFORTE project results and its impact on radiation protection. Additionally, they aid in sustainable networking for young researchers and professionals and develop a practical guide for ensuring sustainable access to European radiation protection infrastructures.

The upcoming PIANOFORTE event is scheduled to take place in Budapest from 5-6 December 2023. The initial half-day of the event is devoted to a general assembly, where participants will engage in discussions surrounding feedback received from the first Transnational Open Call designed to support innovative research projects in the realm of radioprotection. Additionally, topics for the forthcoming second Open Call will be explored during this session. The aim is to collectively assess and refine strategies for advancing innovative research projects in the field of radioprotection.

The latter half of the event will be dedicated to the presentation of projects that have been selected during the initial Open Call. The topics of the selected projects includes research on the effects of radiation on brain, the optimization of radiology and radiotherapy procedures for pregnant women, the personalization of molecular and adaptive radiotherapies, as well as improvement of resilience to radiological events in Wartime. The Event provides an opportunity for showcasing the aims and potential impact of these projects, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration among participants.

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