Head of Department

Zoltán Imre Dudás

Tel: +(36-1)-392 2222 / 1849 

E-mail: dudas.zoltan@ek-cer.hu

The researchers of the Department conduct basic and applied research of multidisciplinary subjects (such as studies related to photosynthesis, medical and pharmaceutical material research, archaeological science, energy storage research, neutron optics developments) mainly using neutron scattering. The Department operates nine large-scale neutron instruments within the user system coordinated by the Budapest Neutron Centre (BNC) to provide opportunities of neutron experiments for national and international research groups in an open access proposal scheme.

The instruments operated by the Department are the two small angle neutron scattering spectrometers, the traditional-range SANS and the focusing FSANS, two reflectometers, GINA and REF, the thermal and cold neutron triple-axis spectrometers, TAST/HOLO and ATHOS as well as two diffractometer beamlines, TOF-ND and MTEST. These facilities offer a plethora of experimental options and sample environments for very different types of specimens from liquids to solids, bulk to biomembranes, powders through embedded nanoparticles to foams not solely at ambient konditions, but at high to cryogenic temperatures, in vacuum and in gas atmospheres, with and without external magnetic field.

At the same time, a number of EU spported and direct contract projects of the Department are linked to neutron optics, neutron methodology and even industrial developments (CREMLIN+, EASISTRESS). The experience of the research staff in neutron instrumentation is favorably utilized in projects common with other neutron scattering centres (like ESS ERIC Lund, HZB Berlin, JINR Dubna) and industrial partners (e.g. Mirrotron Ltd., Budapest).
Several staff members deliver undergaduate and post graduate courses at different Hungarian Universities. Many of the staff tutor and lecture at specialized courses, like CETS, the bi-annual training course of the BNC for PhD and early career attendees.

More details can be found on BNC and the instrumentation at https://www.bnc.hu

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Zoltán Imre Dudás – Head of department

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