The mission of the laboratory is to utilize the neutrons produced at the Budapest Research Reactor, as well as complementary X-ray techniques for nondestructive element analysis, imaging and macroscale structure analysis. These techniques utilize the complex interactions between the neutrons/gamma-rays/X-rays and the matter to characterize the sample’s composition or structure.

Our lab is in the forefront of method developmentand applications of the following methods:

  • prompt-gamma activation analysis and imaging
  • neutron activation analysis,
  • handheld X-ray fluorescence analysis,
  • neutron radiography, -tomography with cold and thermal neutron beams,
  • dynamic neutron- and X-ray radiography and coupled nondestructive techniques,
  • in-situ element analysis and imaging in special sample environments,
  • determination of nuclear reaction cross-sections, nuclear structure data and spectroscopic data to be used in NAA and PGAA,
  • radioactive tracing,
  • Mössbauer spectroscopy.

Five large-scale facilities at the Budapest Neutron Centre are operated by the Laboratory:

Main application fields are material science, geo- and cosmochemistry, cultural heritage science and nuclear physics. These facilities serve in-house research as well as external users. Four of the five facilities (PGAA, NIPS-NORMA, NAA and RAD) are open to the science community via transnational access programs (TNA) of the Budapest Neutron Centre (BNC). We are open to bilateral collaborations as well as industry-driven R&D activities.

The presently running European facility access programs are presented here.

Our publications:

The staff of the department:

Gábor Benyács

Noémi Anna Buczkó

Katalin Gméling

Maria Gracheva

László Zoltán Horváth

Zsolt Kasztovszky

Zoltán Kis

Zoltán Klencsár

Kitti László

Boglárka Maróti

Veronika Szinger-Szilágyi

Zita Tóth