Dr. Ákos Horváth, Ph.D.


The state-of-the-art is connected to the basic and applied research in the fields of reactor physics and nuclear reactors, reactor core simulations, safety assessments of nuclear power plants, safety aspects of transportation and storage of nuclear materials, radiation damage, as defined in the Law on the application of nuclear energy.

Main points are:

  • development of multi-physics modeling and advanced numerical simulation tools,
  • research on reactor materials,
  • research related to fuel cycle modernization and radioactive waste management,
  • Generation IV reactor systems,
  • research related to nuclear power plant technology,
  • radiation protection, biological effects of radiation,
  • nuclear security and nuclear forensics (IAEA Collaborating Centre),
  • space science,
  • fusion energy research,
  • Development and utilization of the 10MW Research Reactor infrastructure.



The publications list of the institute can be found here: