Head of Department

Sándor Zoletnik

Tel: (36 1) 3922753

e-mail: zoletnik.sandor@ek-cer.hu

The research area of the department is the advancement of controlled fusion energy production: develops and builds plasma diagnostic and technology systems, performs and evaluates measurements on the world’s largest fusion experiments.  Due to the technical-related activities, the staff is composed of physicists and engineers and can perform research and development tasks from physics modeling to engineering design and construction.

The major activities are the following:

  • Cryogenic pellet production, acceleration and interaction with the plasma. The laboratory operates the Shattered Pellet Injector (SPI) test laboratory for the ITER experiment where SPI technology is developed for ITER. Measurements are performed on pellet-plasma interaction on Wendelstein 7-X, ASDEX Upgrade and TJ-II.
  • Plasma diagnostics using video cameras and Beam Emission Spectroscopy. The laboratory has original technology for real-time video camera system, alkali beam injectors and observation systems. These are used on large international fusion experiments (Wendelstein 7-X, JET, MAST Upgrade, ASDEX Upgrade, EAST, KSTAR, JT-60SA) to study various plasma phenomena. 
  • Design of the Demo Oriented Early Neutron Source (DONES). The laboratory develops elements of the test cell, lithium loop and performs system engineering work.
  • Conceptual design of the European fusion DEMO reactor: engineering analysis for remote handling of large components, development of optical diagnostics and cryogenic pellet injection technology.
  • Modelling activities for beam-plasma interaction, fast particles in fusion plasmas, cryogenics pellet formation
  • 3D printing of fusion device models, technology components. In collaboration with ITER the department developed a 3D printable model of the ITER device.
  • Based on Beam Emission Spectroscopy technology the department is developing a 35 keV proton source as the input beam to accelerator  driven compact neutron generators.

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More information on Hungarian fusion research can be found at magfuzio.hu.

The colleagues of the department

Sándor Zoletnik – Head of department

Erik Walcz – Deputy Head of Department, Development Engineer

Gábor Anda – Senior research fellow

Örs Asztalos – Research fellow

Péter Balázs – Student

Gergely Bartók – Technician

Sándor Bató – Technician

Attila Buzás – Ph.D. student

Gábor Cseh – Research fellow

László Richárd Csiszár – Development Engineer

Dániel Dunai – Senior research fellow

Dániel Ferenczy – Mechanical Engineer

Ákos Gyenge – Mechanical Engineer

Sándor Hegedűs – Junior research fellow

Imre Katona – Development Engineer

Lajos Gábor Kocsis – Senior research fellow

Balázs Leskó – Development Engineer

Bence Tamás Longauer – Development Engineer

Marcell Málics – Development Engineer

Balázs Molnár – Research fellow

Domonkos Ferenc Nagy – Development Engineer

Réka Nagy – Project Manager

Soma Olasz – Ph.D. student

Dénes Zoltán Oravecz – Development Engineer

Gergő Pokol – Senior research fellow (part time)

László Poszovecz – Development Engineer

Prechel Dorka – Assistant

Dániel Imre Réfy – Research fellow

Tamás Szabolics – Development Engineer

Tamás Zoltán Szepesi – Senior research fellow

Laura Szibek – Informatician

Márton Bendegúz Vavrik – Student

András Zsákai – Development Engineer