Financial Director:

Ildikó Grób

Tel: (+36- 1)-392-2289

Fax: (+36-1)-392-2549


The task of the Financial Department is to provide necessary conditions for the successful performance of the research and development tasks of the research center. The Financial Depertment consists of three parts:

The Finance and Accounting Division is responsible for financial and accounting tasks, the clearance of appropriations, the management of commitments and the treasury.

The task of the Technical and Supply Group is to operate the custody and procurement of materials, to technically control investments, and to perform work and fire protection tasks.

The task of the Human Resources Group is to manage personal matters and labor tasks, to operate the social security payment center, and to perform travel tasks.

The colleagues of the Department

Ildikó Grób, financial director

Finance and Accounting Division

Józsefné Tóth Tamás, division head

Zsuzsanna Bóta

Mónika Fogdné Csorba

Krisztina Juhász

Lászlóné Krasznay

Zsuzsanna Malom

Gyöngyi Nagy

Mónika Nyáry

Valéria Pozsár

Józsefné Sárosi

Beatrix Végh

Human Resources

Szimonetta Asztrid Zsilák

Kata Kondár

Balázs Szabó