Head of department:

József Janik

Tel: +(36-1)-392-2222 / 1129

E-mail: janik.jozsef@ek.hun-ren.hu

The expertise and knowledge accumulated at Centre for Energy Research during the past decades is a solid basis for scientific and technical support for the national regulatory body, the National Atomic Energy Authority as well as the Paks NPP. MTSzSz also provides scientific and development services in other fields of energy research.

Centre for Energy Research is the gestor institute of the Budapest Neutron Centre, the Technical and Scientific Organization coordinates the reactor utilization to ensure scientific excellence, providing access to the international neutron user community through a peer-reviewed proposal system as advised by an international Scientific Council.

The staff of the department:

József Janik – head of the department

Csaba Balázsi

Brigitta Bódi

Edit Biró

Csaba Sándor Daróczi

Katalin Kulacsy

Pál Szentannai

Tünde Tóth