In the spring of 2020, a milestone in the ESS project will be completed with Hungarian contribution:

The construction of the diffraction chamber planned under the ‘In-kind’ contract called NMX has started, in which the staff of the Centre for Energy Research also participated.

Thanks to its work over the past 5 years, the NMX chamber will be the first to be assembled at the research centre’s site in Sweden, ahead of all other beam channels.

The design work in preparation for the construction was a particularly complex task, where the project was led by Szabina Török. Péter Zagyvai was responsible for the radiation protection concept, and further professional work was done by Milán Klausz, Eszter Dian and Dávid Hajdú, employees of the Environmental Physics Laboratory. Viktória Sugár was responsible for the engineering design.

The project would not have been possible without the participation of Szabolcs Czifrus and the Institute of Nuclear Techniques of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, especially Tamás Bozsó and Gábor Náfrádi, who performed radiation protection modeling and neutron calculations.

 The video below reports on the assembly of the chamber from precast concrete elements, where Giuseppe Aprigliano (chief engineer of the NMX canal) and Esko Oksanen (chief physicist of the NMX) present the current construction work.

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