Hungary’s first Na-S battery, which has arrived at the site of the HUN-REN Centre for Energy Research (HUN-REN EK-CER), will be able to demonstrate innovative electric energy storage. The experiences gained during the project can assist in achieving Hungary’s carbon neutrality.

Within the framework of the projects supported by the “Implementation of Developments Facilitating the Innovative Electrochemical Storage of Carbon-Free, Surplus Electric Energy (2021-2.1.1-EK),” HUN-REN EK-CER was given the opportunity to install a demonstration battery supporting system-level services as part of the Tesseract Energy Storage project (2021-2.1.1-EK-2021-00002).

The battery, manufactured by Japan’s NGK Insulators Ltd., and the accompanying inverters made by Switzerland’s Indrivetec AG, arrived at the research centre’s site, the KFKI campus, in February. The containers were lifted onto the prepared foundation by a crane, and in the coming weeks, the battery and inverters will be interconnected with each other, as well as with the site’s electrical and communication networks, and put into operation.

The demonstration energy storage system, capable of storing 1.45 MWh of electrical energy, will undergo testing through a range of market services, including frequency regulation and peak shaving. Upon commissioning, this will be Hungary’s first Na-S technology battery. The experience gained during this process will enable the research centre to professionally support further market projects, thereby facilitating the achievement of carbon neutrality in the country.

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