The Centre for Energy Research has been given the opportunity to install a demonstration stationary energy storage system within the Tesseract Energy Storage (2021-2.1.1-EK-2021-00002). The Centre decided in favor of sodium sulfur technology, as it has a large capacity and the ability to discharge electricity over long periods of time. The contract with the Japanese NGK Insulators Ltd. was signed earlier in the year, and now the production of the battery has started in Japan as well.

The demonstration energy storage system will enable the storage of 1.45 MWh of electricity, which will be tested with different market services, such as frequency control or peak-shaving. When it is commissioned, it will be Hungary’s first Na-S type battery. With the experience gained from this project, the Centre will be able to professionally support further market projects, thereby promoting the achievement of carbon neutrality in our country.

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