Dr. Sándor Zoletnik, head of the Fusion Plasma Physics Department of the Centre for Energy Research, was elected as the next president of the International Tokamak Physics Activity (ITPA) Diagnostic Topical Group.

ITPA is a scientific organization of the 7 partners contributing to ITER project, which brings together the work going on in ITER and the partners’ national fusion facilities. The organization has 7 Topical Groups, one of which is diagnostics.

Dr. Sándor Zoletnik has already been or is still a member of several international fusion professional committees. A few of these, for example, the EUROfusion General Assembly since 2014, the head of the ITER ITPA Active Spectroscopy Specialist Working Group since 2020, a member of the EURATOM Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) since 2006, and also member the advisory committee of several other European fusion experimental facilities.

We would like to congratulate to Dr. Sándor Zoletnik on his new assignment, which he will perform from January of next year.

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